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Can I get hep repaying debts over time?

Chapter 13 bankruptcy, sometimes referred to as wage earner's bankruptcy, is a personal bankruptcy option that can help struggling consumers repay their debts over time. Because of the potential benefits of Chapter 13 bankruptcy, struggling consumers considering filing for bankruptcy should be familiar with it, how to qualify and how it works.

Personal bankruptcy protections can help with the strain of debt

Though the bankruptcy process can be emotionally challenging, struggling with overwhelming debt with no resources to help can cause a great amount of emotional strain as well. Fortunately, personal bankruptcy protections are available to help consumers who are struggling with debt and seeking debt relief.

Bankruptcy help with foreclosures for struggling homeowners

Struggling consumers may be able to enjoy relief from foreclosure through personal bankruptcy protection options they should be familiar with. Chapter 13 bankruptcy may help a struggling homeowner get current on their mortgage payment and reorganize their debt so they can repay it over a more manageable period of time.

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