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How jewelry and other property is handled during bankruptcy

Knowing what to expect from the bankruptcy process can help calm some of the nerves individuals filing for bankruptcy may have. Personal bankruptcy protection options are an important resource for struggling consumers which is why they should be familiar with how bankruptcy protections work and can help them.

North Carolina company files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

Chapter 11 bankruptcy can help struggling businesses get back on track. A logistics company based in North Carolina recently filed for Chapter 11 reorganization bankruptcy protection. The owner of the company cited natural disasters in recent years as having a negative impact on the business. The filing company listed that is has three truck and employs five drivers and also operates a storage facility. The trucking business and storage facility will continue to operate as the company reorganizes.

Surprise! You owe the hospital a lot of money

Navigating the health care system today is no easy feat. Patients often attempt to understand their policy and spend countless hours selecting in-network facilities that should provide them with the care they think kis covered under their health insurance. Unfortunately, recent studies have revealed that despite their best efforts, many patients are left with additional medical bills that take them by surprise.

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